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      Pristine lands, select plantations, slow roasting and 90 years of experience come together in the exceptional flavour of Carraro Coffee

      For us, coffee means both tradition and innovation. It has been on a quest for quality since 1927. We combine the culture and taste of great master roasters with cutting-edge production technology. The resulting coffee is an absolute delight to savour, with an aroma that gets more and more refined with every harvest, year after year.

      However, there are more than just slogans to this “taste” approach. For us, quality means daily routine, work and selection. Selection of the best origins for supplies of ingredients, selection of blends, selection of coffee processing methods and selection of partners.


      Photos from a century long archives tend to have a distinctive taste and flavour. They portray people, work and passion. We have a collection of old photos and whenever we come across an old picture, we try to work out who or what it shows. It makes us feel even more closely involved in the history of Carraro Coffee, because the photos may be old, but they are still steeped in the flavour and aroma of good coffee.
      They bring back memories of countless anecdotes told by baristas, stories of delicatessen owners, letters from customers, parchment envelopes and representatives in vans proudly sporting freshly painted Carraro logos. Smoke could often be seen pouring out of the vans and lorries as they sped along the roads, most of which were no more than dirt tracks. They were guaranteed to be met at the door by a man with a pencil behind his ear or an old-fashioned waistcoat who was sheltering from the sun in the shade of a pergola. It was a different time, with different flavours. It is only just within living memory. 1927 was a long time ago and a lot of water has passed under the bridge since then. Many of us still had not been born and coffee was no more than a picture that appeared on stamps from distant lands. However, the culture of good espresso coffee was already taking root in Italy and Carraro Coffee was the main player in it all.



      This is the first step and it lays the foundations for making top quality products. All of the consignments of green coffee beans at Carraro Coffee are bought following pre-selection of samples that are representative of each whole batch. Every morning, the “Master Tasters” analyse the samples that arrived the previous day from the countries of origin. Only the best batches are selected and purchased.

      Roasting: the heart of the process

      This is the most delicate production process and it plays the biggest part in establishing the “flavour of the coffee”. Carraro Coffee has chosen to use flexible, completely automatic roasting machines with slow cycles for optimum, tailored aroma formation and caramelization of the sugars in every single origin of coffee. Each origin has its own distinctive features: in order to ensure that every single bean is roasted as well as possible, Carraro Coffee has chosen to roast coffee from each place of origin separately before blending the aromas and flavours of the different origins. However, all of this is only done after it has been left to mature for a suitable period in a storage area with more than 45 silos.


      After it has been roasted and washed again, the coffee is left to mature for a few days in 47 silos with an overall capacity of 154 tonnes. It is then blended using the recipes created by the “Master Tasters” and sent for grinding and packaging. Constant monitoring of the grind size and closed loop transport with aroma recovery keep the products as fragrant as possible. Vacuum packing keeps the flavour and aromas fresh over time.


      The excellence of our coffee has been consolidated over time thanks to our dedication to “Total Quality”. The main goal is total satisfaction of the customers, who are at the heart of everything that Carraro Coffee does. The following management system and product certificates show that we provide our staff with ongoing training and underline the effectiveness of our production and organization processes: